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May 19th 2015

Edwards Issues Statement on Fibroid Research Resolution

WASHINGTON, May 18 -- Rep. Donna F. Edwards, D-Md., has issued a statement that was published in the Congressional Record on May 15 on the Fibroid Research Resolution. The congresswoman is addressing the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Ms. EDWARDS. Mr. Speaker, during National Women's Health Week, I rise as the original cosponsor of a resolution recognizing the need for greater uterine fibroid research and the minority disparity rates of African-American and Hispanic uterine fibroid patients. I thank Congressman Scott for joining me to introduce this important resolution.

Uterine fibroids are the most prevalent medical condition affecting women, with an estimated 80 percent of women developing an uterine fibroid by age 50. Actual incidence of fibroid tumors is estimated to be 3 times higher in African-American women and 2 times higher in Hispanic women compared to Caucasian women.

Further, uterine fibroids are estimated to cost the United States up to $34.4 billion annually, with an estimated annual lost work cost of up to $17.2 billion through absenteeism and short term disability in women age 25 to 54.

Those numbers are why I urge my colleagues to join Congressman Scott and me in seeking more research funding for the millions of women affected by fibroids.

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