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May 28th 2015

New vascular center brings novel treatments to New Yorkers

When it comes to cutting-edge medical treatments and results that last, the newly opened USA Vascular Center in Valley Stream represents a one-stop shop. But don't let the name fool you—the facility addresses more than just vascular disorders.

* Fallopian tube re-canalization —Clearing blocked fallopian tubes can dramatically increase the odds of achieving pregnancy. Re-canalization is a non-surgical approach that essentially reopens these tubes to eliminate blockages and improve fertility.

* Uterine fibroid embolization —Women with uterine fibroids know all too well that chronic pain and intense discomfort are just par for the course. These types of fibroids also may account for up to 60 percent of hysterectomies. But who says you have to be a slave to the condition? Embolization is capable of shrinking uterine fibroids by up to 50 percent over a three- to six-month period.

* Embolization for pelvic congestion syndrome —Think painful varicose veins only affect the legs? The problem can also directly impact the ovaries. Embolization represents a safe, non-surgical approach for putting an end to pelvic congestion syndrome.

* Kyphoplasty —This relatively quick procedure involves healing spinal fractures while under local or general anesthesia. Whether these injuries are caused by cancer, benign lesions, or a degenerative bone disease like osteoporosis, kypthoplasty represents a viable new treatment option.

* Stent angioplasty —This non-surgical procedure restores circulation in a virtually painless way. By inserting a small mesh stent into the affected artery, blood flow is restored.

USA Vascular Center also spotlights dialysis access management and other procedures for people living with kidney failure. And, of course, top-notch varicose vein treatment is a staple of the facility.

Locations are currently open in both Valley Stream and Brooklyn.

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