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June 2nd 2016

Messing With My Flow

Uterine fibroids are the most common benign tumors in women of childbearing age that leads to severe discomfort like heavy and painful menstrual bleeding or prolonged periods. The Fibroids Project, an online community that helps women become fibroid-free, has taken a step to ensure that the women suffering from fibroids can reveal their problem to their loved ones or their doctor without feeling embarrassed about it.

As an attempt to encourage women to feel guilt-free about their uterine fibroids, The Fibroid Project has come up with a video - “Messing with My Flow” which is the first of its kind. What makes the video unique is the amusing presentation of a serious issue!

For a woman, it maybe a matter of great distress and embarrassment to let her partner know about her ailment. In the video, this matter has been portrayed with a tinge of humor, all thanks to the hard work of the director/editor, Shanta Convington, and her company, Shanta N Covington Photography and Video LLC.

The video concludes with a message that there is nothing wrong if a woman has fibroids. She can still lead an exciting love life with her partner. All she has to do is to contact The Fibroids Project so that she can get the appropriate medical help from experts along with plenty of authentic information regarding fibroids.

So ladies if your doctor has diagnosed you with fibroids, remember you are NOT ALONE!

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